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Joachim_Argos_KeilerMy name is Joachim (Joe) Ernst. My wife and I moved from Germany to New Hampshire in summer 2012. With us came our Austrian Black and Tan Hound Argos. Argos is a 4 year old male and certified for blood-tracking.

Half a year old he passed the so called “Anlagenpruefung”. In this examination the dog has to show, that he has the disposition to hunt on its own and perseveringly.

With the age of 14 month he passed the so called “Faehrtenschuhschweisspruefung”. This is an examination that shows the dogs ability for tracking. Argos examination-track was an overnight track and 24 hours old. The track was 1km long and made with a “Faehrtenschuh”. That means a person fixed the hoofs of a wild boar at his shoes and walks the track. Blood was only used at one spot and the track changes general direction at least two times. Moreover there was heavy rain during the night.

In Germany, where hunting season starts in May and ends in January we did tracking for many hunters. In his 2 years of regular tracking practice in Germany Argos did about 100 tracks. with 50% founds, 25% controls (bullet did not hit) and 25% not found for different reasons.

In the US we are a member of the united-blood-trackers.

You can calls us any time and we will help you finding your game, no matter where you are located in New Hampshire. Due to my job, we will come as soon as possible.

If I don’t answer your call, please feel free to leave a message and I will call back. It is never to late release a wounded animal from its pain.

My cell-phone-number: 603 – 264-2757

Our service is voluntary. We do not charge for tracking.

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